Annas [Archives:2003/683/Press Review]

November 6 2003

3 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Government campaign calls on people to give their alms taxes to institutions to guarantee their distribution in legitimate ways
– A person blows up a water pump in vexation of his village people
Columnist Khalid al-Hammadi says in his article the meeting of Sana’a grouping did not come, as some would visualize it, as an axis for putting pressure and unleashing threats, but as a result of conviction of leaders of the three countries ( Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan) in the role they have to play in preserving peace and removing seminaries of tension. Those were the words with which the Yemeni foreign minister Dr Abubakr al-Qirbi had started his speech at the opening of the foreign ministers meeting of the third session of the Sana’a grouping that began on Saturday.
This phrase had been repeated by our country’s officials at every meeting of its kind even at the summit level as if the three countries composing the grouping had embarked on an illegal act and consequently had to give justifications in defence of themselves in a way such phrases overshadow the practical results that are supposed to be produced by those meetings. The writer further says that repetition of such justifications and remarks have justified skepticism of the nature of this legitimate tripartite grouping. The public at the time of free media and open atmospheres are no longer prone to the loose diplomatic language as much as being attracted to towards the frank practical language of direct indication that would add to their information something new and to their aspirations a hope.