Annas [Archives:2003/697/Press Review]

December 25 2003

22 Dec. 2003
Main headlines
– Tempestuous debate, “Saif Bin Thiyazan'' TV serial stand trial
– Yemenis enter German cinema from the “terror'' gate
– YJS, Nomination opened, General conference in February

Columnist Shakir Ahmed Khalid says in his article the arrest of Ali Mohammed Hamdi al-Ahdal, the official sources describe as the most dangerous element of al-Qaeda, came to open opportunity for official media to talk about the big successes by the Yemeni government in fighting terror. This talk is coinciding these days with a relevant subject, i.e. the dialogue with detainees suspected of being affiliate of al-Qaeda. Official sources say the way Yemen has followed with those deceived persons is considered another step towards enhancement of Yemen's successes in issues related to terrorism.
Nevertheless, opposition sources are skeptical of the role the government is playing in this regard, whether concerning fighting of terror or the question of holding dialogue with those detained on such a charge. Sources say that non-transparency and withholding information from opposition by the authority would not provide opportunity for it in order to spell out an objective assessment of these issues. The ruling party representatives give quite a different evaluation, saying the role Yemen has played in this regard is a humanitarian one because Yemenis are characterised by forgiveness and tolerance and dialogue. They accuse the opposition as always looking at things through dark glasses and that it has no clear perception or ideas and suggestions to offer for tackling such issues.