Annas [Archives:2004/717/Press Review]

March 4 2004

1 March 2004
Main headlines
– Dangerous American accusations against former presidency member,
– Islah: Reply is responsibility of the government
– GPC: He's a national personality, waiting for receiving charges
– Zindani to the Americans: Let's have your evidence sent to the Yemeni judiciary
– Husband and wife discard their infant under pretext of poverty
– “Ruqayah” accuses the sheikh's son of raping her in Kafr area, Ibb
– In Hadramout, a man cuts his wife's neck with a knife
– In a discussion meeting o Yemeni foreign policy,
– Parliament and Shoura Council approval of Sana'a Triple Group Agreement produces political controversy

Columnist Dr Hassan al-Jawshaie says in his article there is no doubt that the attack against Islam is ferocious, the plot is big and the conspiracy needs joining forces to confront it and deal with it. The writer says he feels sympathy for those who are philosophizing and criticizing t theory of conspiracy. If what is now happening is not a conspiracy against Islam what can we call it? The strong is the one who would stand fast in the face of the tempest and taking a firm stand regarding principles is the factor that would compel others to respect us. As for those who have gone down on their knees and thrown themselves to the laps of the west and offered concessions without return, they would be increasingly despised by the west in addition to the despise of their peoples.
The next Arab summit conference to be held in Tunisia is approaching and we hope from all to be firm on their principles and stands. The stronger stands the Arab leaders would adopt in defending the issues of the nation, the more the west would respect them and smaller concessions could lead to bigger ones.
We hope that the leaders of the Arab countries in their summit to deal seriously with the issue of the occupation of Iraq and define a date for withdrawal of the foreign forces and to strongly stand against the siege of an Arab leader; Yasser Arafat. If the Arab leaders would continue in their negative attitudes since the invasion of Kuwait, blockade against Iraq and its occupation later, the fire would then devour every Arab country, and the first of those would be the Arab leaders themselves. What happened to the leaders of Iraq and Palestine could only be example that might be applied to the rest of the Arab countries.