Annas [Archives:2004/726/Press Review]

April 5 2004

29 Mar 2004
Main headlines
– A gang of teenagers kills a child, motives unknown
– Deputies and officials in local governance in Jawf demand investigation into embezzlement of YR 850 million
– Medicines makers participate in smuggling them
– Yemeni businessmen met the Thai trade delegation at Sana'a chamber of commerce and industry
– Yemeni customs stops shipments of Saudi potatoes at two border crossings
Columnist Dr Hassan al-Jawshaie says the fall of the Spanish prime minister Jose Aznar in the elections in his country was a shock by all means not only for the conservatives party in Spain but also to his colleagues of the trio of tyranny, Bush and Blair who are waiting the same destiny of Aznar. In America it was an eye-catching development concerning the successive victories of the Democratic Party candidate for the American presidential elections John Kerry, and none can be suspicious that he would be the next American president, especially after the disclosure of Bush's policy and his non-truthfulness before his people. Observers believe that the year 2004 would see great global changes especially for trio of tyranny. It has begun with Spain and surely would continue through Washington and rest in London. The changes may include Canada, Australia, Japan and the rest of the countries that fell to the tricks of that trio and got stuck in the Iraqi quick sands.