Annas [Archives:2004/729/Press Review]

April 15 2004

12 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Criminal Investigations in Rima violates humanism of a citizen
– Various reactions concerning cultural efforts for discovering artistic talents
– Thieves using magic
– Trading and manipulation in jobs in Lahj governorate
– First batch of gunboats for Yemen inaugurated
– Yemen sets free the last British national from jail In Hajjah, a criminal shoots four shots at an infant under claim of vengeance
– Legal symposium organised by Hood on Yemeni and Gulf prisoners held in Guantanamo

Columnist Ali al-Surari says when the transitional law was issued in Iraq a few weeks ago some Arab leaders did not think deeply about possibilities of the coming developments and thus they had quickly sent congratulations to the civil ruler Paul Bremer, referring to the man's wisdom and shrewdness. Those few Arab rulers should have waited for some time to test seriousness of the descriptions they have given to the man. To his and their ill-fortune the violent and tempestuous development seen in Iraq in the past few days confirmed the non-wisdom with which this occupied Arab country is run and that Paul Bremer deserves to be chided by his bosses because of his direct responsibility for the expansion of violence circle in Iraq.
The opportunist character of those rulers has pushed them to hastiness, thinking that congratulating Bremer would pen the way to his heart in an attempt to gain his support that could perhaps benefit them when they would be face to face before the American project in the region. Bremer and with the military commander of the coalition forces in Iraq have got themselves in a dilemma and entered into a dark tunnel, raising the political and military predicament the United States put itself in.