Annas [Archives:2004/731/Press Review]

April 22 2004

19 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– FM confirms Al-Heela imprisoned in Afghanistan
– 35 children die of measles in a district in Hajjah governorate, medical sources warn against a humanitarian disaster
– Journalists Syndicate files a lawsuit against the Political Security Organisation
– In the Sciences University, a symposium on modern technology and its use in education
– In one day, a teacher attacked and beaten for three times
– As they annoyed him, a man fires gunshots at children injuring one of them
– Lawyers concluded their conference and elected Al-Baser their chairman
On the lessons derived from Falluja city in Iraq battles, columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says hat a small city like Falluja has halted the biggest power in the world for a week and could not force enter it despite of the use of all types of weapons and this has led to break the barrier of fear among the Iraqis, and we hope it would break the far barrier among the rest of Arab countries. On the other hand it has been proved that the governing council is useless and just a decoration to beautify the ugly face of occupation. The least description of its members is that they are not patriotic for as they describe what is happening in Falluja as a group of terrorists and that sheikh Muqtada al-Sadr as an outlaw it is surely this council is an American industry.
The Americans as people began to feel the volume of the tragedy in which their president has involved them in and that he has lied to them when he said he was to fight Iraq because of its possession of weapons of mass destruction. The nightmare of Vietnam has popped its head again before the American people and their human losses began to increase fearfully.
The uprising was not confined to the town of Falluja but went beyond it to Ramadi, Baqouba, Mosul, Kerbala, Najaf, Basra, Kut, Nassyria and Baghdad.
The last lesson to be learnt from Falluja events is the shameful stand of the Arab countries where not a single voice was raised from them denouncing the massacre of Falluja against the civilians.