Annas [Archives:2004/749/Press Review]

June 24 2004

21 June 2004
Main headlines
– Government accuses him of leading a royal movement and rejection of the regime's legitimacy,
– Two military campaigns besiege Hussein al-Hawthi in Sa'ada, his supporters confirm justice of their cause, rejection of American occupation of Iraq and Israeli occupation of Palestine
– A new bombshell by the GPC information on extending the president tenure for more than two sessions
– In Hudeida, a son of an MP accused of killing the citizen Darwish
– Open strike by American Hunt company employees ends on Tuesday
– Amidst absence of large number of religious scholars, Sana'a Guidance conference began its meetings in Sana'a
– Black list of opponent physicians
– In protest to cleanliness fund exploitation,
– Local Council in Radie tenders a resignation in body

Nabil Abdulrab writes saying that two heated weeks have passed between the GPC and the Islah whose fuel was the woman and its field was the school uniform of girl students. The GPC mustered around two thousand educationists bound for the parliament demanding the lifting of parliamentary immune and trial of the two Islah MPs; Al-Maswari and Al-Hazmi under the claim of the latter's libel and accusation of blasphemy of the educationists. The Islah responded to that by a woman demonstration of about 8 thousand women demanded certain educational demands, mainly the stop of despotic practices of teachers against girl students in some schools and to allow students continue putting on veils and maintain their study in schools with their veil.
It seems now that the Islah has invested the two demonstrations especially if the educationists cannot prove the claim of libel and blasphemy al-Maswari and al-Hazmi are accused of. By blasting the woman battle the GPC wanted to create a rift between Islah mosque preachers that mosque pulpits opened opportunity for winning parliament seats and about one quarter voters in the capital secretariat and to use the claims of educationists as a pretext for passing on a law giving legitimacy for squeezing mosques out of the Islah domination. But the Islah managed to turn the table against the GPC by mixing the Hijab and the veil and demonstrating the GPC before the Yemeni public opinion as intentionally creating conflict with the society's culture and traditions.