Annas [Archives:2004/751/Press Review]

July 1 2004

28 June 2004
Main headlines
– Signs of alleviation in Sadda confrontation after the arrival of mediators
– The president refuses to meet the JMP to discus the events in Sadda
– In Ibb unidentified persons tear up the Koran
– Members of the local council in al-Hadda threaten of collective resignation

Writer Ali Ahmed Ali says in an article the sedition of Sadda is about to be extinguished by virtue of resolution with which president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been dealing with it. We regret the big number of the Yemeni victims from both sides. Undoubtedly, negotiation and dialogue are the best and safer solutions for ending the crises but in certain situations taking the difficult decision of deterrence becomes an inevitable one. The president's keenness on the republican regime, the constitution and the law was the impetus behind moving the armed forces to nip the sedition in its bud. His same keenness is he feeling that made him give his directives for holding negotiations with the rebels to surrender themselves so that to give negotiations a chance besides the military operations.
What we hope for is to see an end to the to these events with least losses and that the insurgents would resort to reason and admit their wrong and be subjected to the law, benefiting from the spirit of forgiveness shown by the president for sparing the Yemenis blood.