Annas [Archives:2004/777/Press Review]

September 30 2004

27 Sep. 2004.
Main headlines
– Members of parliament and shoura accuse chair of the committee discussing price dose as confiscating their stances
– Al-A'nisi looks for witnesses for acquitting al-Mouayad and Zaid in America
– Members from Islah in local councils praise the president's promise of electing governors and district rulers

Dr Hassan al-Jawshaie says in his article all indicators and opinion polls in America point that president George W. Bush would be re-elected for another presidential term. The man seems to be confident of that and of the Zionist lobby that supports him strongly as the two governments in Washington and Tel Aviv are strongly supported by the extremist right in both countries.
In Israel the scheme led by Sharon for the liquidation of all peace plans and destroy the resistance movement, especially the Islamic and all the Palestinian cause has no been finished and this scheme is in need of president Bush.
On the other side we find many of Arab rulers, are counting days and hours to the date of the American elections in hope that the elections would topple Bush, so what they are going to do at a time the latest opinion polls reveal that president Bush is ahead of his competitor Kerry? Results of opinion polls are not satisfactory for those worried rulers.
The question is can the Arab rulers agree on a unified strategy for facing the American tyranny?