Annas [Archives:2004/779/Press Review]

October 7 2004

4 Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– Al-Mahatwari appealed to the president for stopping the culture of violence, Al-Asbahi warns against an attempt to liquidate him
– Hammed al-Ahmer accuses the ministry of communications of fighting investment
– The new leadership of physicians union intends to reform conditions of the doctor and improve medical services
– Head of the political office of Islah party demands fighting poverty as part of the government priorities
– Number of Yemeni children smuggled to neighborly countries arouses panic of international organisations
– Elections committee begins preparations for presidential elections due in less than two years

Columnist Mohammed Yahya al-Sabri says in an article that verdict was passed in the case of blasting the American destroyer USS Cole and some has considered that event as closing the destroyer file, but this is an incorrect presumption. The writer maintains that legally the trial was permeated with many failures despite of the accused had stayed in prison for more than four years and it was announced for ten times about their standing trial. On the other hand there was something like non-seriousness in presenting and checking evidence and getting sure about the origin.
That is what we claim of the absence of legal soundness in this file but what is not true is what may be considered as a killing illusion to claim that we have closed this file on its political side or that of security. The more important and dangerous aspect of this file is the political and strategic one and then comes the criminal side.