Annas [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

27 Dec.2004
Main headlines

– The president wonders why railroads were not built in Yemen

– Justice Minister al-Jifri: Radical changes in the judiciary reform course

– Teaching staff of universities back off from comprehensive strike

– Endowments minister accuses a judge of plundering pieces of land, promises to subject him to accountability

– Khartoum hosts Sana'a gathering summit

Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says in his article recently there has been much talk about crimes of the American troops and coalition forces in Iraq in a manner causing one to wonder. Every time the spokesman for the White House tries to give preponderance to the unintentional individual side of those crimes, claiming they were not intended by their troops. The American official used always to describe the scandals of Abu Ghraib prison as being individual acts committed by personnel who are irresponsible. Only a few weeks have elapsed and then the same events were repeated at the same prison. However, the news leaked about investigations mentioned that al those who had perpetrated the crimes had received orders from the Pentagon.

The American soldiers who had entered a mosque in Falluja and opened fire at the unarmed citizens was also an individual behavior, according to the point of view of the American official spokesman, destruction of the city of Falluja was also individual act as the spokesman sees it.

During the year and seven months, since the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003, 166 Iraqi university professors and scientists from Sunnis and Shiites were assassinated. That great number clarifies who is behind that liquidation of the Iraqi people scientists. The plot is very clear and big and the aim behind it is that the great Iraqi people, who represent the spearhead in confrontation with the Zionist scheme against the Islamic nation, should not rise up again.