Annas [Archives:2005/807/Press Review]

January 13 2005

10 January 2005
Main headlines

– In a press conference, PM Bajammal says, The region needs charismatic personality of Ali Abdullah Saleh

– Court of Appeals adjourns considering the case of al-Khaiwani

– Head of Freedoms Committee at Shoura Council Mohammed al-Taib: International community watches situation of freedoms in the region

– Interior minister al-A'leemi: Democracy dries springs of extremism

– Sana'a University students denounce narrowing their freedom

Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says in an article the call for democratic reform launched by President George Bush has greatly decreased in intensity after he has become sure or being convinced by some of the Arab leaders that his call would carry some radical trends to power, what is meant here the Islamic current. Those currents would not accept to coexist with the state of Israel. The American president has thus preferred to continue dealing with corrupt and dictatorial regimes. These regimes would implement all that he wants and wanted by Israel. This situation is preferred more than national democratic regimes that would disturb his policy and refuse dealing and coexisting with Israel.

What has happened is entirely opposite to what Bush had announced about an ambitious plan for making the Middle East a paradise of democracy and even that America has covered scandals of corruption of many of those regimes in the region.

As for corruption of some Arab governments, it has become a program always followed and protected inside and outside those countries. Inside it is protected with legislatures protecting that corruption and they are approved by parliaments in those countries.