Annas [Archives:2005/819/Press Review]

February 24 2005

21 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– GPC & Islah in confrontation: ramifications of the crisis

– World Bank threatens not to aid Yemen

– Anssi renews his accusation to al-Mouyad, demands the millions he was promised to get

– Physicians begin their gradual strike

– Government university professors would continue strike until their demands are met

– Special committee embarks on investigation into causes of the fire erupted outside Aden airport

– Five security men in Taiz sent to court

Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie says in his article undoubtedly the assassination of al-Hariri has targeted Syria in the first place and the stability of Lebanon in the second. The operation is a serious side in the triangle of conspiracy aimed against stability of the region and meant for strengthening and consolidation of Israel's security.

It is rather amazing that the opposition forces in Lebanon to so speedily gather at the house of the assassinated former prime minister to come out with a statement pouring oil on fire and rake the fire of internal dispute just for narrow political calculations prevailed by the personal interest without putting the higher interest of Lebanon into consideration.

The Syrian presence in Lebanon has become a burden on both Syria and Lebanon and both countries' leaderships have during the past three or four years stricken an implicit agreement that Syria would start a gradual withdrawal of its forces from Lebanon.

It has been expected that the withdrawal would be completed in a year or two. The speeding up of the operation of withdrawal by international powers and in seizing the opportunity of the Syrian presence by the United States of America and some western countries has been just for achieving personal and Zionist interests.

Syria is now the only strong Arab country that has not yet obeyed the Zionist hegemony and the American-Israeli expansion. Therefore, Syria has to be subdued. I definitely think that the operation of assassinating al-Hariri is the first of the steps in this direction.