Annas [Archives:2005/825/Press Review]

March 17 2005

14 Mar. 2005
Main headline

– Pessimistic international warnings about mysterious future surrounding Yemen

– PM forms a committee to study situation of university professors

– Justice Minister discusses ways and means of judiciary independence with chief justices

– Security chief of Mareb denies the stealing of mummies in the governorate

– In Saadah, a person kills five people and runs away

– Al-Khouba residents fear from a new “tsunami” hitting their town

Columnist Dr. Hosni al-Jawshaie says in an article the strike announced by Yemeni universities professors, physicians and pharmacists has entered its third week and the government has not offered the suitable solution up until now. The government has the habit of always taking the wrong course or the counter-stream. The proposed solutions are not convincing to all parties. All that has been submitted until now to the union of teaching staff or the union of physicians and pharmacists pours in the field of tranquilizers, but as for radical solutions, there is none in the offing. On the contrary, the government has pored oil on fire when it has given the green light to presidents of universities to begin the process of putting pressure on the teaching staff.

It is clear that the government does not want to bear further financial burdens therefore it has decided to dispense with the bigger number of Yemeni and non-Yemeni teaching staff in order to use their salaries for raising the salaries of remaining others. This is a sterile policy not in interest of higher education and its outputs because the teaching staffs who work in private universities form more than 80% of the total number of teachers. Foreign teachers would form only 10% of that number.

In other words, the government has to reconsider all salaries of government employees and not only salaries of organized unions whose members rally behind their leaderships and declare various strikes, which in turn harm the country's economy.