Annas [Archives:2005/827/Press Review]

March 24 2005

21 Mar. 2005
Main headlines

– Crisis between opposition and government in its apex, JMP leading member accuses security apparatus of inventing riot in tradesmen demonstrations

– JMP: There is a desire to establish a suppressive dictatorial regime

– Four of the Believing Youth members killed in Saadah

– Heated agenda at parliament, Opposition blocs accuse authority of terrorizing the citizen and opinion owners

– Armed confrontations, killings and kidnappings in Saadah, Hudeidah, Amran and Thamar

– In a seminar, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate adopts a project for developing the journalists' profession

Columnist Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie writes saying that after Afghanistan and Iraq the American administration is planning to devour Hizbollah. The work is going on steadily to devour it especially after the Arab leaderships have changed into meek lambs. Some of them have come out of their arrogance surrendering and begging for very close relations with the American wolf, others have changed their constitutions to gain satisfaction, others run fast with their troops and others declare they are obedient and fight terror from the very beginning. In addition, there are others that claim that their countries are a source of democracy and freedom in the Middle East.

The operation of al-Hariri assassination is well concocted for increasing pressure on the regime of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to pull out of Lebanon to open the way for the application of the rest of article of the UN Security Council resolution 1559. The resolution article stipulate clearly the disarming of Hizbollah and disarming the Palestinian fighters in the Palestinian camps with all what it means of war or fighting among the various Lebanese factions.

Pullout of the Syrian forces from Lebanon means that those militias have become an easy prey for the American and Zionist forces or even for the Lebanese army on there would be some pressures to abide by the will of the Americans and to take the task of disarming those militias.