Annas [Archives:2005/851/Press Review]

June 16 2005

Main headlines:

– A pre-census indicates that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is bound to win the next round of elections as president of Republic of Yemen

– Local councils in Ibb threaten to carry out a mass resignation

– Al-Wihda district people object to the closure of Zaid Islamic school


Iraq: divide and conquer

Prof. Husni al-Joushai described a recent participation to a medical conference in an Asian country where he was surprised to see that two people instead of one represented Iraq. He went on about his unfriendly interaction with one of the Iraqi representatives and how they themselves seemed to be turned against each other.

Failing gain!

In a very interesting and revealing article about the Yemeni state and its failure to meet with international standards and especially with the government's international commitments Mr. Ali al-Sarari explains that any state should maintain its credibility by living up to its international promises. He narrated that the latest development reports on Yemen describe the country as fragile and susceptible to collapsing. He condemned the repeated failures of the reform programs and that it is a shame not learn.


Hatim abu Hatim, prominent political figure of the Nasserite party: “A three days delay saved President Ali's life and al-Ghasmi and gang murdered al-Hamdi”


The Islamic world in a cross road:

Abdulilah Haidar Shai'e explains in a report issues in the Iraqi scene describing the report starts with description of a touching moment of Dr. Harith al-Dhari head of the Muslim Scholars in Iraq when he revealed that Badr shi'a forces is behind the murder of Iraqi imams and religious preachers. This incident took place while Dr. al-Dhari was talking to a group of journalists post the assassination of Hadi Alwan al-Nuami member of the Islamic scholars body showra council. The deceased could hardly be identified because of being brutally mutilated and tortured after disappearing for three days after which he was handed to the police on the basis that he was found dead.

The report talks about the conflict among the Islamic orientations in Iraq between the peaceful approach to evacuating the USA occupants endorsed by head of the Islamic party Muhsin abdulhamid through what he calls a “political struggle for freedom” and between the other approach lead by al-Zarqawi and co who believe in the Jihad and killing the enemy and all who support them even if they are Iraqi people.