Annas [Archives:2005/872/Press Review]

August 29 2005

22 August, 2005
Main headlines

– Questions on Al-Eryani about them, Differences inside ranks of the ruling General People's Congress topple al-Soufi and Al-A'nsi

– In carrying out the unjust ruling, Sheikh al-Mouayad transferred from Brooklyn to Colorado, appeal after next February

– Soldiers from Aden air force fire on assistant deputy of communications ministry

– Victims of “tourist”” marriage on the increase under government silence

– Official confession on Yemen's failure in implementing poverty alleviation strategy

Dr Hosni al-Jawshaie writes discusses in his column this week the change in the American address with regard to Iraq. He says a year ago the American stance regarding Iraq was completely different that what it is nowadays. A year ago we used to hear that the American forces were staying in Iraq for a period no less than ten years until they finish their task there. In addition