Annas [Archives:2005/898/Press Review]

November 28 2005

21 Nov.2005
Main headlines

– Hamza seeking asylum with America confuses the official authorities

– The government lives emergency state to prove good will towards reforms

– Journalists demand identification of the person attacked Journalist Nabeel Sobaei

– Ex- vice president announces his nomination to presidential elections in Yemen

– Parliament Speaker accuses ministers of violating parliament regulation

– Quotas system the best means for women to attain decision-making positions

Columnist Ali al-Jaraddi writes saying any opposition adopting regional and sectarian dimensions is a racist movement devoid of humane characteristic and attracts doubts of opportunism regardless of fairness of its demands. The authority bears the responsibility of emergence of regional and sectarian oppositions as a bad reflection of its filing practices and prioritizing chaos and discrimination to principles of justice, equality and equality of opportunities. Instead of feeding elements of national integration, the authority tended to sharp political polarization based on buying loyalty with money and post and thus created social cracks and national conflict at the level of the one social entity.

The authority has largely exposed its defects through evasion from its commitments to effect genuine political, economic and judicial reforms. International reports have been unanimous that the authority is following a road leading collapse. Thus, some European parties working as surrogates for America began to embrace the opposition, especially the southern, and prepare for what it may come with their eyes cast on Aden port and Hadramout oil and presently using this opposition to blackmail the authority to offer internal concessions and to carry out the role of a regional scarecrow.

The eye-catching thing is that the southern opposition flourished after fifteen years of the unity. It is supposed that through all those years there should have been established a social and ideological integration and building of a social and economic system allowing rights of equal citizenship.