Annas [Archives:2006/908/Press Review]

January 2 2006

26 Dec. 2005
Main headlines

– Armed clashes inside the central prison in Saada

– Traffic accidents, an undeclared war

– Sheikh Hussein Bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar: The GPC elections political liquidation, we may declare a new party

– Yemeni journalists refuse the new pres draft law

– Weaving and textile workers and motorcyclists gather in front of parliament building

On the JMP initiative writer Mohammed Hamoud Al-Arabi says in an article the Yemeni government often praises the Yemeni democratic experiment in the authority direct address and via the official media. However, the situation changes if someone criticizes this democracy or came up with something different than this sham democracy and then the freedom of expression and the other opinion are forgotten. At this point the government media change into armored vehicles and rockets to attack those of the other opinion.

When parties of the JMP declared their initiative for the political reform the government media declared a pitched war on that initiative as if it were a conspiracy although it is quite correct. The reaction to the initiative has disclosed falsity of the democracy the authority alleges. If the authority is democratic why does not it push aside calling names and put the initiative to the people referendum to decide? What the people would then decide would be the right.

The JMP initiative for the political reform did not ask a miracle from the government, but rather a request for correcting mistakes that represent 90% of causes of the deteriorated situation in Yemen.