Annas [Archives:2006/934/Press Review]

April 3 2006

27 Mar 2006
Main headlines

– Under the president's intervention, dialogue between the JMP and the GPC resumes

– Led by trade unions and drivers, A large-scale action demanding improvement of living conditions among the citizens

– Changes expected to be effected in the ruling party's media instruments

– Monitoring Apparatus detects violations inside government institutions

– Committee for journalists protection follows up the case of al-Hakimi

Writer Ali Al-Faqeeh tackles in an article the question of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate developments saying assailment has lately escalated against the journalists syndicate by the official media and that attack was intensified after the journalists chairman announcement of tendering his resignation for health reasons. Official newspapers published articles and news stories about journalists demands for holding a conference to re-elect a new council for the syndicate and the call for saving the syndicate fro deterioration. The official newspapers attack have gone further to accuse some members of the journalists syndicate of hanging around the gates of foreign embassies and involvement in projects financed by foreign parties, citing the Danish project for support for Yemeni press.

Although newspapers affiliate of the ruling party have devoted pages to talk abut the situation of the journalists syndicate and its future if there was not an urgent call to holding a syndicate's general conference and election of a new council , it is not surprising especially that those newspapers have been used to file charges against whoever differs with the authority orientations and its desire to nationalize civil society organizations so that their tasks will be praising gains of the ruling party.