Annas [Archives:2006/968/Press Review]

August 31 2006

24 Jul 2006.
Main headlines

– Al-A'anisi accuses some party of trying to push the JMP to boycott the upcoming elections

– Candidate Bin Shamlan: The Yemeni society is changing; the priority is to economy and living future

– Political verdict against the “Al-Thawri”, preparing for judicial campaign against newspapers prior to the elections

– Islah electoral office accuses the Election Commission of trying to abort the agreement of principles

– 80%of revenge cases in Yemen because of waters

Dr Fuad al-Budani says in an article that paralysis is one of the most dangerous diseases of the age. As it affects human bodies and renders them inactive, it has infected aspects of the Arab life and made them lose their effectiveness and influence, including the various media instruments, especially the official ones that are affiliate of Arab regimes. The Arab regimes are ken on making the media affiliate of their policies and adopting all their visions and stands. The regimes mistakenly think that their media would make them respected and acceptable regimes among the peoples and would help prolong their stay in power.

The situation is not as these regimes hope because he paralyze media do not serve the despotic regime rather than offending them and disclosing their defects. Peoples nowadays are no longer ignorant. The peoples have become aware and comprehending what is going on around them and they possess the power to distinguish the right to follow the truth and disclose the false cards. They realize that official media do not touch their everyday woes and do not meet their information demands or pay attention to their necessary needs. Peoples know that official media do not express their issues of destiny or interact with their many ambitions. The paralyzed media loses its credibility and respect especially when it makes illusions as achievements and losses as victories.