Annas [Archives:2007/1044/Press Review]

April 23 2007

April 16
Main Headlines

– FAO warns of wheat killer being spread in Yemen

– Teacher claims Interior Ministry to release him, investigate his abduction

– Parliament rejects a report on anti-corruption authority, MPs warns of indifference consequences

– Industry and Trade Minister: Removing officials from investment is a main task

– Brochures describe Al-Houthi loyalists as Shiites of Iraq, rebellion leader vows of distributing brochures to disclose oppression of authorities

– Women call for amending Parties Law

Joint Meeting Parties' official spokesman Mohammed Al-Sabri confirmed that the current system of elections doesn't back the right and principle of equality between men and women, the weekly reported. During a workshop organized by the Union of Women Leaders on women political participation, Al-Sabri explained: “At JMP, we are committed to dialogue in conformity with a report made by the European Union Election Observation Mission to Yemen last year, which insists on the concerned parties to give top priority to improving the climate of women's political participation.

The newspaper said that Tareq Al-Shami, head of the General People Congress's Media Sector confirmed that there is a clarity, vision and agreement between political parties and these things are due to be applied in real-life situations. Al-Shami added that women activists could convince other women to interact with them with the aim of boosting their political representation.