Annas [Archives:2007/1092/Press Review]

October 8 2007

Monday, October 1
Main Headlines

-Relatives of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar warns ruling party media of attempting to harm the Sheikh's relation with President

-Former Secretary General of the Council of Ministers: Nothing new in President Saleh's initiative

-A catastrophe worth YR 267 billion awaiting vote by the majority of members of parliament

-President's Initiative: new reforms or reproducing outdated matters

-A prominent Shara'ab Sheikh escapes an assassination attempt

-Government universities criticize cabinet's false promises threaten to stage protests

-Family accuses Nuqum Prison of killing jailed relative

-Aden authorities attack prominent Yemeni investor

-Owner of nuclear generation company is intimate friend of Yemen's Electricity Minister, accused of extortion

The Yemeni journalist Munir Al-Maweri, who is currently residing in the United States, ended merriness of Electricity and Energy Minister Mustafa Bahran about his nuclear power project by disclosing that the Yemeni official has intimate relationship with owner of the U.S. nuclear generation company, due to implement the project, the weekly paper reported. It added that Bahran and the US company signed a contract worth $15 billion for building five nuke reactors over a span of ten years, and implementation of the project is due to begin by 2010.

In an article published by, the journalist revealed notorious information about the company with which Bahran signed a contract for implementing Yemen's nuke program. He quoted American sources as saying that the financial situation of the company doesn't qualify it to finance the project, thereby contravening statements by Bahran, who confirmed that the company will fund the project until the end.