Another response to Puddy [Archives:2003/637/Letters to the Editor]

May 26 2003

[email protected]

After reading the comment by Millie Puddy, who took it upon herself to represent 'most of the American nation'. She talks about freedom that the American's have to express their views, freedom to criticize religion or religious leaders, and freedom of information so that Americans have access to the truth.
Firstly, i would like to say why do you have to be so negative by criticizing others, why can't you just accept people's views and respect them no matter how different they are or what religion/culture they follow. This kind of freedom you talk about you can keep.
Secondly, the war briefings held at the pentagon where wrong information was being distributed to your nation and the rest of the world following the American's progress throughout the war, where later embarrassed American Officials had to admit to given out wrong information. You praise a country where Freedom to give out wrong information is honored.
You wrote about the White House and Pentagon briefing where the majority of reporters were trying to uncover the truth, i agree with you there they were 'trying' but not all their questions were being answered or they were being avoided. What's the point of having all this freedom you talk about when simple questions are not even being answered.
You mentioned the Arab media where you state exposes lies, the media coverage you talk about was mostly of live coverage and you can't edit live coverage otherwise it wouldn't be live. I understand you saying that you have the right to criticize go ahead criticize all you want but have your facts on hand.
Remember we all have our own morals and you'll find that my freedom as an Arab girl living in a western country is to have an opinion but for you to have so much aggression where you go around criticizing, there is so much hatred in the world why do you want to add to it.
Also take into consideration you are an individual in this big American nation you talk about so speak from personal experience, speak of your own opinions and speak from the heart because you can never represent 'most of the American's you talk about.
I will finish how you started your letter 'Please don't get excited' because i never reading your letter but at the end of the day you are one individual trying to get your comments heard in this big world we live in.
I also have another response to Ron Wilson's letter. You speak of helping others and getting stabbed in the back. Normally when you help someone out it is with their request and i do not remember anyone from Iraq inviting you (Americans) into their country. What i do remember is when Bush came into power at the top of his list of things to do was to get rid of Sadam Hussein (very Similar to his fathers dream) so if you want to blame someone for the killings of the American Soldiers blame the leader you chose. I will also like to blame your leader for the killing of the innocent Iraq civilians that were lost and for the lives of the British soldiers that were killed in friendly fire by the Americans.