Anti-Global Warming Campaign Launched [Archives:2000/35/Reportage]

August 28 2000

GENEVASixteen environmental organizations on Tuesday launched a massive campaign aimed at curbing global warming. A Website,, was initiated to enable people around the world to send 10 million messages to world political leaders, demanding that they use the November climate summit in The Hague to reduce the pollution that causes global warming, said the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), one of the 16 organizations launching the initiative.
It is now 10 years since the international scientific community issued its first warning about the threats the world faces from climate change, said Andrew Kerr of WWFs Climate Change Campaign. Thats why were aiming for 10 million messages, one million for each year, (to tell) that governments have failed to take action. It is scandalous that available solutions to this problem have been so thoroughly neglected. At the Website, visitors can e-mail world leaders and express their concern about global warming. The first targets on the site will be European Union heads of state and government. They can
download a petition that can be signed and sent off-line. They can also send friends cyber postcards to encourage them to join the campaign.
At Novembers climate summit the Sixth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change governments must meet their deadline for finalizing rules for operating the Kyoto climate treaty, the only international agreement for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from the industrialized world. Failing to agree in November would make it questionable whether nations would be able to achieve the Kyoto timetable for reducing emissions in the coming decade, WWF warned, adding that this would set the worst possible example for stopping global warming in the 21st century.