Anti-revenge organizations in dispute [Archives:2003/644/Local News]

June 23 2003

Accusations among local anti-revenge and anti-terror organizations operating in Yemen have been exchanged recently in a dramatic and astonishing manner.
The Yemeni Organization for Fighting Revenge and Terror (YOFRT) and the Human Solidarity Organization for Fighting Revenge and Terror (HSOFRT) have been in significant disputes lately about financial-related issues.
YOFRT has accused the HSOFRT of collecting money from its subscribers in return for an annual salary for each one of its affiliates.
The exchanged accusations started when both organizations sought US support through the US embassy in Sana'a to finance certain projects in the anti-revenge and anti-terrorism fields.
Oddly enough and so far, the activities of both organizations have been restricted to inaugurating their offices and other small-scale activities.