Apology to the people of the Middle East [Archives:2004/745/Letters to the Editor]

June 10 2004

John Mackesy
Middletown California
[email protected]

I am totally opposed to the evil war and cruel occupation of Iraq. It is most important that the people of the Middle East know there are many Americans like me, working night and day to exhaustion against this evil enterprise. It is all about oil greed and the power and money that go along with it. I must clear my conscience as a taxpayer in financing the supremely efficient military slaughtering machine and the shameful military torture prisons. I apologize to the people of the Middle East for the suffering they endure. President Eisenhower warned the American people that the military industrial complex is the greatest danger to freedom and democracy. The political leaders are hand in hand with the military industrialists in war profiteering and making hundreds of billions of dollars from carnage and creating human misery. From the bottom of my heart I apologize.
I wrote a plan for peace in an Op-Ed article through working with the United Nations and world opinion. I ask that Middle East media publish and broadcast this editorial to show the world not all Americans have gone over to swallowing lies, oil greed and imperial military arrogance. Most of the people are just agonizingly complacent and indifferent as long as material life is good to them. What is greatest about America is that I am allowed to write my beliefs about the U S Government and send my views around the world. I wish that Freedom and a spirit of Peace, Love and Hope to the people of the Middle East and everywhere else in the world.