Appeal to President Saleh [Archives:2004/705/Letters to the Editor]

January 22 2004

Mohammed Al-Moqbeli
[email protected]

I am addressing this appeal through your 'letters to the editor' section to the President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh. I would like to inform our President that as government scholarship grantees, we don't receive the required attention and care from the Yemeni Embassy in Delhi, India:
We have submitted many complaints to the Embassy about our situation in India regarding our scholarship dues, which actually are not enough to cover our basic needs during our study while residing in India.
We mentioned many problems that hinder our pursuit of studies, but no positive answers or responses were given so far.
Secondly, our tuition fees and other fees of study for the academic year 2003-2004 have not been paid to us yet. Despite the fact that some students' tuition fees have been sent from the Central Bank of Yemen to the Embassy, they are kept in the Embassy's cashiers and were not delivered, while many other students' fees have not been sent at all.
I want to stress that we have to pay fees to the Indian universities in order not to face any academic problems such as paying for extra late fees, not being allowed to attend the exams or get our admission canceled, etc.
Hence, we would like our respected President of Yemen H.E. Ali Abdullah Saleh to take some courageous steps in tackling our problems as he is always known to be a man of action and good deeds.