Formal democracy produces only failed experiences [Archives:2009/1228/Opinion]

January 26 2009

Iskandar Shaher
The various political parties in Yemen reached the climatic point of rage. Therefore, they felt that they are required to avoid being dilated by peoples' heat or shrunk by the ruler's coolness.

Obviously, rules of the game will change if they haven't been already changed. The inventors are buried while players are in a field of play with less professionals and more balls. The ruling party is the only one that may know what Mr. President wants. What Mr. President wants is neither a puzzle nor trick, as it is the same thing wanted by him thirty years ago.

Undoubtedly, what is wanted by Mr. President doesn't resemble the thought of Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutawakil from the government , nor can it be likened to the thought of Jarralah Omar, from the opposition. It has nothing to do with will of the people.

Opposition parties' newspapers obtain information from one source, but they are satisfied with this, even if they are not allowed to diversify the sources of their information. I would like to say that the opposition newspapers don't want to be an alternative to Al-Thawra Official Daily, controlled by its Editor Ali Al-Arawi or Al-Gomhouria Official Daily controlled by its Editor Al-Yousifi. These newspapers don't inspire to exceed their usual limits of obtaining information.

When it comes to private newspapers, some of which turn to operate under the cover of Human Rights Watch, they have another totally different story.

All the editors of private newspapers have their own excuses. They didn't come from another planet. They belong to the same political parties in Yemen that injected them. The result was more parties, more newspapers, more speeches, more tricks and more lies. Eventually, the top scorer is one, the winner is one and the loser is one, whom we all know.

Whether we think loudly according to the methodology of Al-Mutawakil, a government official, or whisper according to the style of his co-workers in the government, who claim to be carrying the flag of compliant democracy.

All those officials preferred that Al-Mutawakil, who is a senior academic, should speak on their behalf, and therefore is entitled to think loudly. On the other hand, politicians, affiliated with the Joint Meeting Parties, should think silently.

The result is one, which is that of lengthening survival of phantom and illusion and preparing the throne of power for the son of current President.

People realized well how ruling and opposition parties behave

Undoubtedly, thinking about formal or compliant democracy implies thinking about compliant elections too. And both sides seem to have agreed on affixing and backing speech of Mr. President that there is no national crisis in Yemen, and such a crisis only exists in the minds of those who think about crises.

The best thing for leaderships of both ruling General People's Congress and JMP is that they should stop exploiting this homeland for their failed experiences.

Frankly speaking, Yemeni people have realized well that leaderships of both sides are opportunistic and want to make their own interests at the expense of people's living. People turned to pay the price for the wrong policies followed by the ruling party to ensure its longer stay in power amid presence of passive opposition meant to show international organizations that Yemen has democracy, and government and opposition as well.

Such irresponsible policies are meant to help the ruling party and government obtain support from international organizations under the guise that they care about democracy and multi-party system in Yemen, which don't really exist.