Arab leaders worshipping the West [Archives:2003/631/Letters to the Editor]

April 14 2003

John Cayo
[email protected]

The Middle-East nations need to be ashamed for what they allow the Israelis to do to the Palestinians.
They need to be ashamed for having allowed the US and Britons to do to the Iraqis based solely on the lie of “weapons of mass destruction” and the lie of an Iraqi threat to America.
All Middle-East nations need to be ashamed for the ease at which they become traitors to their own people; all the CIA needs to do is promise them an American dollar or position of power and they become traitors.
They need to be embarrassed at how easily they cower, hide and surrender to the west.
Afghanistan and Iraq have taught the world that Middle-East nations have the most cowardly, traitorous and incompetent leaders and soldiers in the world! Because of their cowardice, incompetence and treachery, it is clear now that the control of all their nations and their wealth belong to the US! Middle-East nations have taught the word that America, with its bribery, coercion and “mass weapons of destruction” can take whatever they want, wherever they want and whenever they want and nobody can stop them. The West rules the world and you will bend to their demands or suffer under their power!
While the impoverished and subjugated people of these nations pray to the East, it appears that their corrupt leaders bend on their knees and pray to the West! They cower and break like twigs under the power of US propaganda and weapons.
You all should be embarrassed and disgusted with yourselves. George Bush makes me embarrassed to be American. God save the world from George Bush and his lackeys, his militant hawks, his religious right wing. And may God save the world from the Israeli power and influence, itself – a nation gone insane, nobody on this earth can!

Dear John,
Thank you very much, we tend to fall in line with much of what you say.
)The Editors