Arabs need change [Archives:2003/636/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2003

Gameel S
[email protected]

n reply to Mr. Hussein Al-Haifi's article titled “Who Said it was over and do with?”
Although I agree with 15% of what Mr. Al-Haifi wrote; however I find the remaining 85% on par with the rhetoric of Al-Sahafi (Iraqi Information Minister).
Can we as Arabs can be a little more objective in our commentary. Do we have solutions to our region's problems or are we destined to criticize and play catch-up to American initiative and policies. Why is it that we as Arabs never acknowledged American assistance to Muslims in Bosnia, Kosovo, to a lesser extent Somalia and Chechnya. Do we stand up and protect our Arab brothers from injustices at the hand of other Arabs or do we prefer the regional status quo – so we shut up. Why did we lose our voice when it came to criticizing Iraq for its treatment of the Kurds and Shia for the last 25 years yet we soundly found in us to paint a doom and gloom future for Iraq under a US administration?
As Arabs we need to change. We need to take the lead in changing ourselves and our destiny for when our accomplishments are judged by our children we may be given an “F” for FAIL.