Arabs never agree on anything [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Robert Bourgeois
[email protected]

Sorry my buddy editor, you wouldn't know freedom if it kicked you. Name an Arab country whose citizens are free to choose. Arab people are subjects to whatever two-bit half-baked despot happens to be in power at the time. You all jumped on the bandwagon when Saddam went into Kuwait because your oil dollars were threatened. You're all for someone else spilling their blood when your lifestyle is threatened by your fellow Arab bullies. Arab nations have never come to the aid of any of your fellow Arab countries for any cause let alone freedom. That would take risk and effort. Something you're not willing to spend. And Arabs can't agree on anything. So many Arab factions are at odds with each other. By the time the Arab world decides on anything, it would be too late. But you do make a strong case for the Western powers to pull out of the Middle East. Maybe they should, and let the next two-bit bully on the block, with his second rate military equipment, roll over your landscape. And probably, once again, you'll be crying for help from those same people you love to hate.