[Archives:1998/24/Press Review]

June 15 1998

AL-WAHDAWI: Sanaa weekly, 9-6-98.
(Nasserite Unionist Party)
Main Headline:
1- Saudi Arabia refuses to withdraw its troops from the Yemeni island of Du Hirab, instead, they asked Yemen to withdraw from Al-Asheq Island opposite a land border point.
2- Three days of army bombing of villages in Dhali’ led to 7 civilians dead and 20 houses destroyed. A massive crackdown followed.
Nasserite MP: “The government’s program paves the way for a new ‘dose’ of economic reform, leading to a more encompassing poverty.”
3- Following last week’s bomb explosions in Jaar, Abyan, security forces arrested a large number of people.
4- Acute water shortages and power cuts are experienced by people in Mukallah.
Article Summary:
Sheikh Manufacturing
By Jamal Amer
The new government has recently decided to continue paying tribal sheikhs their allowances; while, more than 100,000 citizens who live below the poverty line were dropped from the social security registers for ‘lack of funds allocated by the central budget.’
The government’s decision will encourage the sheikh manufacturing industry. To become an “esteemed” sheikh, all you need is number of paid-for-signatures testifying that you are a sheikh and a son of a sheikh. Then you can obtain a sheikh’s ID and join the Tribal Affairs Department at the Council of Ministers.
To strengthen your sheikhdom and consolidate your position among your kinsmen, you can abduct a foreigner or two and some show resistance to the government.