[Archives:1998/33/Press Review]

August 17 1998

AL-WAHDAWI: Sana’a weekly, 11-8-98.
(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)
Main Headline:
1- Saudi authorities continue deporting Yemenis and amass troops on the border. Some of the deportees are mentally and physically abused.
2- Oil pipeline connecting the Safer fields in Mareb and Raas Isa on the Red Sea was blown up during armed confrontations between the Sanhan and Khawlan tribes over a land dispute. Two men were killed.
3- Mareb/Jawf tribal alliance condemns the killing by government troops of Sheikh Hassan Bin Dharman.
4- Students affiliated with opposition groups in Taiz condemn violations in registration procedures at Taiz University. Political reasons were cited.
5- Opposition Coordination Council calls for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Iraq.
Article Summary:
Top Security Man Dead
The chief of security in Mansouria, Hodeida, along with five of his personnel died in a shoot-out with highwaymen. Two other policemen were seriously injured; while, one highwayman was killed.
The five-member gang, using a car with an army numberplate, attempted to abduct a Yemeni returnee from Saudi Arabia and steal his car while he stopped by at a petrol station. However, they were intercepted by the police, and a heavy exchange of fire ensued.
The gangsters escaped into nearby bushes. Army troops were later sent in to comb the area, but no one was found.