Are we fooled again? [Archives:2003/667/Letters to the Editor]

September 11 2003

Abdul Haq
Virginia, USA

I don't get what Al-Haifi wants to say in his column “The Trojan horse in modern Islam “. It is true that there are demons among Muslims and so are they among every one else. There are demons among rulers, among soldiers, clerics, lawyers … it does not mean you stop practicing law if a lawyer is evil. Same way, struggle for freedom and self- determination has to be continued even if someone in its name commits acts as horrid as the oppressor they were fighting. If Palestinians are blowing themselves up – Ask the Security Council why it failed to protect their rights. Why international laws are not enforced when they are in Muslims favor? Someone vetoes UN resolutions or the Israelis just ignore them.
So I would say it is natural to take law into your own hand when it fails your basic rights. But do you do it by blowing up other innocents? I invite you to make a suggestion. And I'll bet anything peaceful and civilized you could think of has already been tried by some Muslims, with a result of total failure and stone walling by the West. It is inherently stupid to trust the West (US and UK) to do anything half decent for Muslims. Rhetoric remains but is all lies. Bush Sr. asked Iraqis to rise up against Saddam and at the end made a deal and let them get slaughtered at a stones throw from the great US armies. War crimes of Saddam -surely- would somebody please stand at the mass Iraqi graves and say with their hand on their hearts that Bush had nothing to do with this? Now the son talks about liberation. Why don't they ask their pals in the Gulf to go democratic? They won't ever. You know why? Because they feel they can control the Kings better than they can a government that can change every two / four years. May say no to them, so all this talk about bringing democracy to Muslims is a total lie, basically designed for American audience. No Arab or Muslim believes it anyway. Like Saddam, Regan/Bush went to war on his behalf, gave him biological weapons capability. If they really loved democracy for Muslims, they would not have deposed democratic government in Iran 50 years back and installed Reza Pehelvi. Even now why isn't an elected government being set up in Iraq after “liberation”? The point is no matter how bad you paint the resistance movement, call them terrorist, animals whatever, until the basic justice is not provided for Muslims or anybody else, they will fight back. In courts, then in UN, then in front and then in Guerrilla warfare and then in terror. The best thing is to stop it in the first place, do justice in first step and not let nastiness progress to the last stage and then blame someone's religion, their race, etc Until then, we will never be civilized human beings, but rather greedy animals.