Are we in need of decorated councils? [Archives:2005/860/Letters to the Editor]

July 18 2005

Dr. Sameer Bajersh
[email protected]

The big question posted itself currently is whether we are in need of both the Deputies or Shoura councils. Having a glance to both councils makes one wonder to find out what achievements such two councils accomplished. Examining the democratic societies abroad and hearing an everyday slogan of DEMOCRATIC YEMEN, I try to ask myself after passing years what the deputies council achieved. It is a crime posed upon the people to spend the tax payers money to pay salaries for the members of a decorative council whom, believe me, are members whom never spoke a word in the boduim of the council (take e.x. representives of hadhramout governorate: Awed Al-Sogatriee, Abubaker Ahmed Abad, Ahmed Hasan Bakran ..etc). On the other hand, take the Shoura Council. It makes me laugh having well trained members with higher degrees from one side doing nothing than discussing issues whic they know in advance that they are having no effect nor results upon such issues. From the other side we have militants and other types of groups being put in the council for no reason than getting rid of them and paying them a monthly allowance to keep their mouths shut.We need to look for transparency to end corruption, to dissolve such currently unaffected councils and build ones which are and will have an effect on people's daily life, to stop corruption and absence of transparency which one can notice now, which is spreading to the international community in Yemen in which the late father Abdulaziz Al-saqqaf once wrote upon, which I hope to write in a future date about.