Arguments aroused by Youth Court in Taiz [Archives:2009/1223/Local News]

January 8 2009

By: Ola Al-Shami
SANA'A, Jan 7 ) The Youth Court in Taiz recently called on officials at Taiz University to decrease the registration fees for students who have financial difficulties in Taiz, Aden, and Hodeidah.

During meetings held last week, arguments on ways to improve the university's syllabus and means of enhancing the curriculum by integrating practical work were discussed.

The Dean of Taiz University, Mohammed Al-Sofi, did not agree to many of the ideas presented by the Youth Court.

He cited financial difficulties as the reason that many projects could not be implemented. “Taiz University has less financial input as compared with other universities,” he said. He addressed the issue of enhancing the curriculum by saying, “The Ministry of Higher Studies is responsible for this issue.””

Since the beginning of 2006 the Youth Court invited representatives from the Ministry of Education and the deputy principals of the schools in Taiz