Arwa Graduates its First Group [Archives:2000/29/Local News]

July 17 2000

On Saturday 15 July 2000, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdulqadir Bajammal, arrived at the Youth Palace to attend the graduation ceremony of Queen Arwa University. The ceremony marked the graduation of students from the colleges of administrative sciences, engineering, literature, educational sciences, and college of science.
This graduated group was named 7-July Group on the occasion of the blessed 7-July anniversary.
Dr. Abdulwahhab Raweh, Minister of Youth of Sports, Dr. Hassan Al-Salami of the CC, a number of CC members, a number of MPs, and the student’s parents attended the ceremony.
During the ceremony, a number of speeches were given. Student Ibrahim Al-Hamzi gave a speech representing the graduate students, thanking the university for its great efforts in making their academic years as beneficial as possible.
Later, Dr. Wahibe Fari, Rector of the University gave a speech welcoming the guests, stating that the graduates are the backbone of the university’s years of hard work. She congratulated them for attaining the certificates and knowledge.
She pointed out the academic and quality measures taken by the university. She stressed on the fact that the university did teach students courses for the number of hours required in any regional or Arab university, apart from the graduation projects and programs they implemented. She also expressed gratitude to President Saleh for his everlasting moral support in encouraging the university in its different stages, emphasizing his role in supporting the latest Private Higher Education Conference organized by the university.
At the end of her statement, she greeted the students for their efforts in going through all the academic stages until they reached the point of graduation.
Then the official graduation was declared by reading the Republican Decree no 17 for 1995, and the university’s establishment permission no (1) approved by The Prime Minister and Ministry of Education for the academic year 1995/96.
The number of enrolled students who were supposed to graduate exceeded 50 students, of who 42 actually graduated, which indicates a success percentage of 81.2%.
At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Bajammal along with Dr. Raweh participated with Dr. Wahibe in distributing the certificates.