As a man of experience, love before marriage is better [Archives:2008/1155/Community]

May 15 2008

By: Murad Ali Qasem
Firstly, I thank Mr. Maged for the interesting topics he writes about in his weekly column “Through the Mind's Eye”. In response to Maged Thabet's article entitled “To love before or after marriage: a contrast”, published on the 24th of April 2007, I, as a man or experience state my point of view. Actually my marriage was after love. I was and I am happy with that, and hereby I take this chance to recommend love before marriage rather than marriage before love because love before marriage offers the couple a better and more stable marriage life.

Mr. Maged touched upon the positive aspects of marriage before love. I do really like his argument though he has no experience yet. As a matter of personal experience, love before marriage offered me and my wife a good chance to know each other before getting married. This enabled each one of us to take the right decision of whether the other person is the right person or not.

As Mr. Maged has argued in his article, love brings the couple together to a certain extent. In this way they will be very close to examine the other partner's ideology, behaviors, morals etc. Consequently each one would be responsible for his own decision.

Actually, the privileges of love before marriage, as Mr. Maged has shed light on them, would be missed in case marriage does not depend on any love relation. In this the marriage success becomes as a matter of luck for both the husband and the wife. In such case, marriage is like an adventure which may succeed and may not.

With my respect to those who believe in establishing their relations after marriage, they may encounter serious problems when they discover that they have nothing in common. In this case, they'll tend to get separated and break out an official contract while the damages would be less if they could know each other little earlier.