As’ad Al-Kamil Tourist Festival starts in Dhamar [Archives:2007/1071/Local News]

July 23 2007

DHAMAR, July 25 ) As'ad Al-Kamil Tourist Festival, which aims to provide an exhibition for tourist attractions; archeological sites and traditions of the governorate, is to be inaugurated today, July 26, in Dhamar City and will continue till Sunday July 29.

The Vice-President of the Local Council in the Governorate Mujahid Shaif Al-Ansi told the Yemen Times, in an interview, that this festival is the first of its kind in Yemen in general and in Dhamar in particular.

Alansi points out that many tourist sites in different districts of the governorate attended the festival.

In a response to Yemen Times' question about the visits that are going to be paid to such places and whether they include all the districts of the governorate, Alansi declared: ” in fact, we have remote districts that cannot be reached like Wesab Alali, Wesab Al-Savel, and Ottoma because of the lack of constant transportation means and the unpaved roads.” “So, we just sent a team of Media from the information office to visit the archeological and tourist sites in these districts and capture photos, which are going to be projected and shown in the inauguration of the festival.” He added.

Moreover, he pointed out that the Festival is the first of its kind in Yemen. He added that a long time was spent for its preparation. “We expected the arrival of a large number of Yemeni, Arab, and non-Arab visitors to participate in this festival as it has a historical expansion and archeological depth. But, Marib terrorist and inhumane attacks on the Spanish tourists hinder their coming.” He pointed out.

“Those criminal deeds are the obstacles between us and the visitors' attendance. However, we promise that we will be more enthusiastic to increase such festivals and we will not hesitate to stand against such extremist people.” Alansi.

Furthermore, Alansi indicated that this attack threatened the situation and led many visitors, nationally and internationally, to cancel their visits and change their minds. “By the way we are going to make a corner in the festival for reflecting our view, which is all the Yemenis' view, on this terrorist attacks which are against Islam and our society's values and traditions.” Alansi pointed out.

Worth-noting, the festival includes youth carnivals and some sport competitions like horse competitions. In addition, there is a lottery in which several prizes will be withdrawn for attendants.

The Manager General of Archeology in the Governorate Mr. Ali DhaifAllah Al-Sanabani explained, for the Yemen Times, the relationship between the title of the Festival and what it shows, saying ” this title has taken from a historical figure, King As'ad Al-Kamil, who is considered one of the most famous kings of the Hymyarite Civilization.”

“The title has a geographical depth in Dhamar, in addition to the historical indicators which reflect that the king, Al-Kamil, had Bainoon, in Dhamar as a capital beside his capital Dhafar in Yarim. Therefore, with no doubt this title has a strong relation with Dhamar,” he explained.