Assassination attempt against editor-in-chief failed [Archives:2003/672/Local News]

September 29 2003

Sana'a, Sept. 27_ Editor-in-Chief of Arrai Al-Aam, (Public Opinion), Mr. Kamal al-Uloufi had on Sept. 22 come under an attempted assassination by policemen affiliated to the Yemen Gas Company, a statement issued by National Organization for Defending Human Rights mentioned last week.
The policemen, according to the statement, fabricated a problem with a journalist accompanying the editor in chief. Unexpectedly, policemen started shooting fire against him.
He was then taken to the May 22 police station. His car was also pierced with shots on different sides.
“This incident represents an attempt for a premeditated murder as well as suppressing the journalists' freedom as well as terrorizing them due their opinions and stances,” the statement said.
The statement has also called for an immediate investigation and the criminals have to be brought to justice.