At al Takamul Foundation for Development, Yemeni women acquire sewing machines maintenance skills [Archives:2005/884/Reportage]

October 10 2005
W o m e n   t r a i n e e s   a t   w o r k
W o m e n t r a i n e e s a t w o r k

Twenty-five woman trainees had on the 3rd of October celebrated a graduation ceremony after wrapping up a course on maintenance of sewing machines organized by the Al Takamul Foundation for Development in Sana'a. The ceremony was sponsored by the Islamic Conference Organization while the training course was funded by the International Community Services Organization.

Over twelve days of intensive theoretical and practical training the woman trainees acquired some useful knowledge and skills on fixing some common malfunction tailors and seamstresses may face during their work on their sewing machines. The course provided training for the trainees on fixing simple and commonly occurring breakdowns of sewing machines as well as qualification of women capable of fixing such failures in return for reasonable fees and to be a source of income for those women.

At the beginning of the graduation ceremony, chairwoman of the foundation Hana Hassan Shamsan delivered a welcoming speech to the audience, mentioning that her foundation is one of those organizations shouldering the task of development in the Yemeni society by providing an effective role for the woman.

On the training course in sewing machines maintenance, chairwoman of the foundation said it was a course the first of its kind aimed at fixing simple breakdowns of sewing machines. The graduates from the training course could depend on themselves in fixing those failures, saving expenses and effort in this field as well as providing a source of income for themselves.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Mr Abdumalik al-Radhi undersecretary of the capital secretariat, Mr Drew Whitson representative of the International Community Services organization in Yemen and other representatives of government and private sector organizations. It was also attended by some press and other media correspondents.