Attacking guests in streets of Sana’a: Shameful [Archives:2004/703/Letters to the Editor]

January 15 2004

Mohammed al Qasimi
[email protected]

I have recently read about the few attack incidents of Yemenis against Europeans in the streets of Sana'a. All I want to ask is why attack Europeans in the streets? What kind of people are those who do it?
Some say it is because of the arrest of Saddam Hussein. Who is Saddam Hussein to them any way? Mr. Saddam Hussein is himself a mass murderer. He killed thousands of people Including his own.
It's quite a shame to know that some Yemenis think that way, especially as attacks were targeted against Europeans, who are helping Yemen in every step it takes, from Education to other basic needs. They are helping bringing money to Yemenis. But some sick-minded, who are an extremely small portion of the public, do not deserve this aid.
Anyone who is coming to Yemen is a guest. How can any Yemeni attempt or even dare attack our guests? It is a shame on those who do it, especially against guests who are directly or indirectly helping our economy and country.
Most Yemenis born in and outside the country support my comments and opinions. I specifically thank Yemenis who are born outside the country, who support my views.