Attariq [Archives:2003/626/Press Review]

March 10 2003

4 March 2003
Main headlines:
– Strong secrecy by political parties regarding their candidates to elections
– YSP in Aden celebrates Woman International Day
– Medical profession union in Aden wave with strike
– Agriculture employees in Abyan demand improvement of wages
– State Authority for Archaeology demands the stop in destroying al-Akimma fort

Columnist Khalid Ali Tuaiman says according to fabrications of the some the war on administrative and financial corruption, due to be launched long ago, would not take place before the year 2005 because civil servant apparatus in the country is still depending on outdated systems dating to the Ottoman rule and still carrying its fingerprints.
These fingerprints seem so very apparent that would preclude application of the principle of administrative accountability and prevent the process of continued and studied evaluation of the state performance. The demand for uprooting financial and administrative corruption and putting an end to organised plunder of the public property should precede finishing the alleged operations of modernisation of the administrative system by the year 2005. The majority of the people are living in a closed circle of despair and grinding living crises especially after they have lost the ray of hope for putting an end to corruption that confiscate their aspirations.