Attariq [Archives:2003/629/Press Review]

March 31 2003

25 March 2003
Main headlines:
– While calling his people to stand up to the Anglo-American aggression, Saddam Hussein: By entering Iraq territories the American-British forces put themselves in a quagmire
– Lawyers in Aden stage sit-in in solidarity with the people of Iraq
– Hadramout Sheiks declare their solidarity with Sheikh A'edha
– Abyan writers express solidarity with the Iraq people

Columnist Khalid Ali Tuaiman says in his article in a flagrant violation of principles of international law and the international community, the United States and Britain decided to launch the war on Iraq. Their alleged pretext is to disarm the country from its so-called weapons of mass destruction by the use of force. His is in fact just a curtain to implement from behind it the first stage of the American scheme which includes two strategic goals. The first is to expand the scope of the American control of the Arab region's oil, by direct seizure of Iraqi oil, and the gaining of a partial control of the European economy, which consumes 80 per cent of the Arab oil, and to limit the European competition of the American economy. The second strategic aim lies in completing the blockade around Iran to prevent it from playing its regional role and its containment politically. The second expected scene is to remove certain ?Arab regimes that have proved to be irrelevant and have become a burden for the implementation of the new American strategy in the region because of their lacking of a popular base and possibility of facing social explosions too difficult to control and avoid their reflections on the American interests there. The scheme also contains an attempt to draw a new political map for the region according to an American vision depending on the theory of the unilateral pole, preparing for the establishment of a new Middle Eastern Order. This proposed order would be composed weak Arab entities whose economies are controlled by Israel which is designed to be the regionally strongest political, economic and military power in the area. Our rulers would be quite mistaken if they thought even for a moment that the war, now being waged on the Iraqi people, is not part of an American plot targeting the entire region.