Attariq [Archives:2003/633/Press Review]

April 27 2003

22 April 2003
Main headlines:
– 28 Islah supporters arrested in Hodeidah
– Dr Habtour; Aden constituencies very important for the GPC
– 18 Yemeni students back home via Saudi Arabia
– In Hodeidah a call for electing Islah representatives
– Election festival in Tawahi for GPC candidate
– Citizens to ATTARIQ: Wait from candidates' programs not merely slogans
– 88 Islahis in Marib tender their resignation

Columnist Ahmed Abdrabah Allaw says the deputy we want must be a priority theme in our search. The elector must choose the representative who is qualified in truthfulness and honesty, he who feels problems of the public, studies their issues and work for finding a solution for them. The elector's role is the most significant and dangerous roles in elections. If the voter has chosen his representative well he would have contributed to electing a strong parliament able to express pains and hopes of the people and translating them into serious legislation contributing to achieve a better future for Yemen. It will be a council of the people's deputies leading the government and would not accept to be led by the government. It will be a council, the ministers be responsible to, and their task to be chasing after ministers and senior officials to sign requests.