Attariq [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

10 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Arbitration committee rules in favor of workers fired by Yeminvest Company
– Aden governor: Question of cost will be solved completely with Minster of electricity
– Thai fishing boats smuggle 500 tons of fish
– Changes in political security organization
– Yemeni-Saudi agreement on preventing weapons smuggling
– Disease kills tens of donkeys in Abyan
– Tribal council of A'al-Salam resumes its activity
– Yemen takes part in international fair on fish products in Brussels
– Water cut in Ahwar continues

Columnist Khalid Ali Tuiman says there is no worse than the Arab governments than the opposition that obeys authority orders and has never before has taken a stand refusing to bow to authority upon receiving the first signal. Some of its leaders utilize the opportune to display the greatest tokens of obedience and loyalty to authority, confirming that ultimate goal is not to assume power and embody the principle of democratic transfer of power as much as receiving a share of the political ''cake'' and improvement of employment and living conditions some of their close associates. It goes without saying that such kind of opposition prevalent in the Arab world is much desired by the rulers while peoples do hate it because they know that it does not oppose but practice issuing loud voices that indirectly pours into serving the ruling elites.