Attariq [Archives:2003/648/Press Review]

July 7 2003

1 June 203
Main headlines:
– Anti-riot police disperse student protest demonstration in front of finance ministry
– Mopping up operations continue in search remnants of Huttat group
– President back home
– Workshop on discussing violence against women in Yemen

Columnist Salah Mohammed Abulaheem says in his article that history repeats itself in Iraq. More 700 hundred years ago the Mongols invaded Baghdad and destroyed everything and Baghdad libraries were burn and killed the people. Today the same tragedy is repeated at the hands of America and Britain and their allies and blessing of Arab leaders. What happens in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Basra, Kufa and others is one of the images of Arab setback and indicates weakness of the Arab and Muslim in defense of his nationality and religion. What happens in Iraq breaks the heart especially he who sees the situations in hospitals where they are crowded with the victims hit with the enemy rockets and bombs. The occupying forces are trying to control Iraq piece by piece but the free Iraqis refuse to submit or surrender to the new colonialist that came to plunder Iraq's wealth in the name of human rights and Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction and other lies. As for the Arab leaders they continue being intoxicated with the Anglo-American ideas and beliefs.