Attariq [Archives:2003/658/Press Review]

August 11 2003

5 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Prosecution investigates into files of squandering public funds in Aden
– FM al-Qirbi meets in Sana'a commander of international alliance for fighting terror in the Horn the Horn of Africa
– Agriculture minister: We will support farmers and their societies and encourage investment
– Dead child found inside a trash barrel
– New Malaysian capital hosts an Islamic conference
– Citizens complain of water cuts in Aden
Mr Fua'ad Mahyoub Thabit says the development of any society and progress of all constituents of growth in it and stable life are all factors of that society and are hostage to the sovereignty of law and order that regulate the course of life in that society. They could lead it with steady steps towards construction and advancement. Our Yemeni society could not develop and be prevailed by aspects of security and safety but under the domination of law and the systems that grant it the groundwork for development and drive the wheel of construction and growth towards a promising future.
Judiciary and justice are two sides of the same coin. For there is no judiciary without justice and there is no justice unless under sound and honest judiciary. The situation of judiciary in Yemen no one envies us for it. It has made the balance of justice tipped and unbalanced. It has lost its proper course and obliterated from the life of our society's dictionary. Justice has lost its existence, prestige and its sublime goal because of dishonesty of judiciary that has been maintaining its deviation from the right course, which is due to corruption of a high proportion of judges who have rendered it into a game in their hands coining it the way they want in conformity with their own interests.