Attariq [Archives:2003/665/Press Review]

September 4 2003

26 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Salafi assailment on leagues of the Islamic religious leader al-Mashour
– Security and government mediation with al-Awamir collapsed
– Finance ministry demands director of civil service office in Aden to give account on sponge factory workers' salaries
Columnist Khalid Ali Tuaiman says in his article that a quick reading of what appears in the horizon of political indicators, clearly denotes that the American scenario designed for presently for the Arab region contains in its second phase after the implementation of the first one represented in occupying Iraq, providing factors and conditions for ethnic and sectarian frictions and pushing for disintegrating Iraq according to a political and military plot, beginning with submitting federalism as a new political formula. As for the third part of the American scenario the American administration had begun with occupying Iraq would mainlcontain the attempt of drawing up a new political map for the region whose broad lines are designed in compatibility with the American aims of the so-called the new Middle East order which to be consisting of weak Arab entities easy to be contained by America guaranteeing stability of the American vital interests in the area and achieving security and peace for Israel which is designed to be the strongest regional party, militarily and politically and in full control of the region economically.